Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water System

People often take the luxury of hot water for granted; until it stops working. Then it’s all hands on deck to get that system working again! But there are signs to prove your hot water is on the way out. You just have to know what they are.

The water doesn’t run

The most obvious sign and one you can’t deny. The cold water is fine, but it seems no matter how long you wait, the water isn’t getting any warmer.

Water pressure is unusual

One moment the stream is steady, the next it’s only trickling. Irregular water flow with varying temperatures is a sign of a bigger problem to come. Though this might also be a case of people in house using too much water at the same time.

Rusty water

Handy tip – water is meant to be CLEAR. Anything else isn’t normal. Discolouration comes from rust slowly peeling away from inside the pipes and the hot water tank. This happens with old systems and the next step is something bursting. Call the plumber to assess the tank and pipes when you see rusty water.

Your pipes are singing

…or clanging, or making a creepy banging noise when you turn the hot water on. These noises occur thanks to sediment build-up in the tank. The stuff hardens, putting more pressure on the heater to warm the water. Hot water systems are designed to do their job silently, so if you hear noise it’s time for a check-up.  


If you see a puddle around the tank, this is thanks to cracks in the body or pipes. These come with age and are a sign to get a replacement. If you’re not sure if the situation is that serious, clean up the puddle and wait for a few hours. If it reappears, call a plumber.