Three Tips to Save on Water

Bills are a fact of life, especially with privileges like clean running water. The cost of running a home is expensive with combined utilities. Bills hit hard when people use appliances often, like hot showers in winter and sprinklers in summer. The good news is there are ways to shave off some dollars to make that bill a little bit lighter.

Redesign your garden

Green gardens are nice, but they require a lot of TLC with watering and weeding, especially in the summer. Sprinklers and spraying the hose around will make the meter creep higher and come month’s’ end there will be an expensive shock in the mail.  

Desert and bush fauna are hardy and don’t need much care. Cactuses, succulents, Kangaroo’s Paw, Bottle Brush and Stuart’s Pea are some classics that you can plant and forget about for a little while. They’ll grow over time and some will flower. Just because you have a “desert garden” doesn’t mean it has to be barren.


Change the taps

WELS approved taps can save up to thirteen litres of water compared to regular taps. The Australian Government implemented the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme to help conserve water supplies. It became law to have this rating displayed on products in 2006. Since then it’s been helping homes and businesses cut down both costs and water usage. The higher the star rating on a product, the better the efficiency.

Time your showers

Remember those little hourglass timers that came in the post? Probably not, because you forgot about them the moment you heard the drought was over. This old school method of saving water will be useful no matter how you time your shower. If you don’t have a WELS approved shower head, that’s 15-20 litres of water, per minute, down the drain.


Cutting your water bill doesn’t have to be a difficult practice. If anything, it can be an excuse for some home improvement. Plant some Stuart’s Pea, change a few fittings and use the egg timer for something other than making the perfect boiled egg. Frying your egg instead of boiling it will save you some cents, too.